ErgoTec neoprene gloves


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Protective gloves against cold. Textile neoprene.

  • Tear-proof and taped seams
  • New joint inserts for increased comfort
  • Non-slip palm with special silicone surface for a secure grip

Material: neoprene, textile

GLO2S - ErgoTec neoprene gloves size 7 - S 18 - 19 cmm)
GLO2L - ErgoTec neoprene gloves size 8 - L 20 - 21 cmm)
GLO2X - ErgoTec neoprene gloves size 9 - XL 22 - 23 cmm)
GLO2Z - ErgoTec neoprene gloves size 10 - XXL 24 - 25 cmm)


Protective gloves

Two qualities of neoprene gloves that keep your hands warm in winter. Tip 1: put on the gloves with wet hands. The body heat warms the water and keeps the hands warm longer. Tip 2: The gloves are smaller than usual. So order one size higher than you usually wear. Pole gloves protect your hands when working with telescopic poles. No injuries and protection from hot rods in summer.

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