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High-pressure cleaner, grill cleaner, convection cleaner, smoke resin remover, basic cleaner

HD Cleaner is a mildly smelling, extra strong alkaline cleaning concentrate based on highly active cleaning components and strong alkaline solutions. It can be used as an emulsifier for mineral oils, saponifier of organic oils and fats as well as neutralizer for strong acids. HD Cleaner is well suited for use in high pressure equipment. It is also used in the basic cleaning of sanitary facilities, open-air and indoor swimming pools, kitchen and food areas and as an indoor and pit cleaner.


Maintenance cleaning: pour 100 to 350 ml (1 - 3 cups) onto a bucket of water (8 litres). For heavier soiling, the concentration can be increased as required.

Grill cleaning: Concentrated or dilute up to 1:10 with water.

High pressure cleaning: For high pressure equipment, a 25% stock solution should be prepared. Concentration in the outgoing jet max 1-2%. 

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