Lime Dishwasher Tabs

Lime Dishwasher Tabs


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The Frog Lime Dishwashing Tabs provide powerful cleaning in the dishwasher and shiny dishes. The food-safe all-in-1 recipe is based on renewable raw materials and offers the following functions:

CLEANING: dissolves dried-on food residues and stubborn tea stains with natural soda

KLARSPÜLER: radiant shine without water stains

SALT FUNCTION: reliably prevents lime deposits

GLASS PROTECTION: counteracts glass haze and maintains the gloss

STAINLESS STEEL SHINE: radiant shine without repolishing

KRUSTENLÖSER: loosens stubborn encrustations such as minced meat, oatmeal, egg and milk

1000 g - 50 Tabs

powerful cleaning & shine

all-in-one function

50 Tabs with water soluble film

Environmental cardboard from 95% waste paper

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