Losoxinat Forte 10L


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The dirt remover with many applications

In terms of application technology, Losox Forte stands between a general-purpose

and basic cleaner. Depending on the dosage, this product can be used for both areas. It is as All-purpose cleanerCan be used in kitchens, sanitary areas, on glass, plastics and many other surfaces.
As Basic cleanercan be used to remove wax, oil and fat deposits.
For the Industrial cleaningcan

Losox Forte can be safely used on machines, sheet metal, metal parts and tools.


The most important properties at a glance

Safe to use

Losox Forte is neither a dangerous good nor a dangerous substance.


According to the OECD method, the raw materials used in Losox Forte meet the requirements for the degradability of the German washing and cleaning agents law.

Strong performance

The strength of Losox Forte distinguishes this product in particular.

Variety of applications

Depending on the dosage, Losox Forte stands between an all-purpose and basic cleaner. 


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