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Product features

Ready to use

Adhesion to residual moisture floor coverings - also linoleum

Very easy and fast to use

Higher area performance in maintenance cleaning on ONTOP-coated floors

Hardly any smears and footprints

Exceptional filling power - extreme durability


Environmentally friendly, as it is free of metal salts and longer lasting than conventional coatings

Recommended by leading flooring manufacturers

FIGR audited

DIN EN 13893 (Resilient, laminated and textile floor coverings - Measurement of the coefficient of sliding friction of dry floor covering surfaces)

Application areas

For the water-insoluble care of all water-resistant, non-discharging elastic coverings, except rubber.


resilient hard floor coverings

Wooden floor coverings

Natural and artificial stone coverings

Natural and artificial stone coverings sensitive to acid

Natural and artificial stone coverings insensitive to acid

Material compatibility


Wood unsealed

Wood sealed

Acid-sensitive (concrete stone/marble/terrazzo) polished

Wood oiled

Wood waxed

Acid-sensitive (concrete stone/marble/terrazzo) unpolished/porous

Acid resistant (granite/porphyry) polished

Ceramic tiles glazed

Acid insensitive (granite/porphyry) rough/porous



No liability for damages. All information without guarantee.

Please also note the application notes!  

 Instructions for use

Room and floor temperature: 10° to max. 35° C.

Shake product well before use.

Do not mix with other cleaning agents.

Do not dilute the product.

Avoid direct sunlight and draughts.

Apply the product generously, evenly and over the entire surface.

Apply a second coat after the first has completely dried.

In the case of extremely open-pored coverings, e.g. aged linoleum, apply three coats.

Close the container well after opening.

Turn off underfloor heating, if present.

Accessible as soon as the surface is dust-dry.

Depending on climatic conditions, complete hardening of the care film can take up to seven days.

The property-specific conditions determine the start of ongoing maintenance cleaning and disinfection measures.

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