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For the cleaning of corridors, rooms and bathrooms in public facilities, hotels, guesthouses, hospitals and nursing homes. Colour-coded wiping buckets, holder for laundry bag/trash bag.

The service trolley in professional quality consists of two robust plastic base plates, whereby the rear shelf can be removed as required.

The sturdy metal swivel castors and the large, rubberised rear wheels meet the requirements for daily, tough use. The lid over the laundry or garbage bag can be conveniently operated from the ergonomically shaped push handle.

A mop or broom can be securely fixed in the integrated holder. A separate holder for the warning sign is integrated in the frame.

The service trolley comes standard with four buckets, a side mop tray, a spacious 120-litre laundry/trash bag and a double-jaw mop press. A Medusa battery sweeper can be carried on the trolley.


New design

Rubberized metal swivel castors in front

Large, rubberised wheels at the rear

Ergonomically shaped push handle

Easy to fold up to save space

Separate colour wiping buckets in 4 and 17 litres

Shelf with handle holder for mop, broom or battery sweeper Medusa

Spacious storage area

120 litre laundry / garbage bag

optional waste separation 2 x 60 litres available

Technical data

Dimensions: 128 x 50 x 96 cm

Weight: 18.1 kg

Equipment and accessories

SERVICE CART complete (item no. 301.106)

4 x 4 litre buckets red, blue, green and yellow, 2 x 17 litre buckets red and blue, mop press, side shelves for mop or broom, laundry / waste bag with zip

SERVICE CART complete Set (art. no. 301.133)

as 301.106, incl. waste separation 301.119

STARTER SET 40 CM (art. no. 013.032)

STARTER SET 50 CM (art. no. 013.033)

Starter sets contain the following items:

1 x service trolley, 1 x dry vacuum cleaner Floory 1 x Magic Click folding holder, 1 x telescopic handle, 1 x warning sign, 10 x premium mop white/blue, + waste separation + storage tray 4-chamber set

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