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Battery operated, handy scrubber-dryer.

Easy handling due to compact dimensions. Ideal for small and heavily overhanging areas. Due to the excellent suction, cleaning can also be carried out during opening hours when there is public traffic.

Ideally suited for retail, gastronomy, hotel business, schools, old people's homes, sales rooms, hospitals, fitness studios.

Technical DAtA:

Mains voltage charger: 230 V / 50 Hz

Battery voltage: 12 V / 50 Ah

Max. negative pressure: 65 mbar

Engine power suction cup: 180 W

Motor power brush: 250 W

Area output: 1260 m²/h

Brush speed: 130 rpm

Brushes Contact pressure: 18 kg

Brush width: 36 cm

Working width Suction beam: 46 cm

Fresh water tank: 12 litres

Dirty water tank: 13 litres

Weight: 61 kg

Dimensions (H x L x W): 104 x 114 x 47 cm

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